By Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Omar Abdilahi Aden (Omar-Sayid), today took over the helm of the Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority from the outgoing managing director Mr. Abdi Mohamed Rodol. Muse Biixi Abdi.

The handing over ceremony held at the Civil Aviation Authority headquarters in Hargeisa, among those in attendance were government officials , the  Chairman of the Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission, Director General of the Ministry of Energy And Minerals, the Director-General of the Civil Service Agency, officials and staff of the Civil Aviation Authority, representatives from airlines and other dignitaries.

Former Director-General Abdi Mohamed Rodol, speaking at the ceremony, mentioned the highlights of his tenure such as the rehabilitation and upgrading the runways, especially runway signs, and developing all the necessary signals used by aircraft.

The outgoing director also pointed out that the agency has recruited citizens who are knowledgeable in aviation services, and the various services provided by the airport have been handed over to citizens. In terms of air traffic control and other services at the airport, Somalilanders are in control, “he said, adding” it does not mean we have done away with specialist services foreigners provided, but now we have Somaliland citizens working in every sector”.

The incoming manager director, Mr. Omar Abdilahi Aden (Omar Sayid), who also spoke at the event, said that he would execute his skills, knowledge, and experience to the development of the aviation authority and airport management, in collaboration with various staff. “I am very happy to take over as the head of the Civil Aviation Authority, which I have been working for a long time. I am very grateful to the President of the Republic of Somaliland for giving me the opportunity national responsibilities.”, said manager Mr. Omar Sayid.

“With the help of the experts, directors, and staff of this agency, I hope that in the coming years we will pave the way for the development of the airports and our national goals,” he added.

He added, “Somaliland is strategically located. This strategic area involves competing with other airports in the region, and the competition will be based upon the good service, transparency, and hospitality,” he said. We look forward to working with the government and the people to make progress. ”

The manager also promised the staff that he would treat them equally and fairly, saying, “I say to the staff, what we have in common is good work …” The person closest to me will be the person who executes his/her duties job. ”

Among the notable dignitaries speaking at the event, was the Director-General in the Ministry of Minerals and Energy, Mr. Mukhtar Mohamed Ali, Chairman of the Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Agency Mr. Dayib Haji Ali, Director General of Labor, and Mr. Abdiqafar speaking on behalf of the airlines. They welcomed the new director and urged him to accelerate the work of the national agency while praising the former director for his performance during his tenure.

The officials urged the new managing director to address the gaps in the airline’s operations, both in terms of airport services and to improve the image of the national aviation authority, based on his long experience.

The new Managing Director Mr. Omar Abdillahi Aden, previously served as the Director-General of the Ministry of Transport and Road Development, prior to that as the General Manager of Hargeisa Airport, and later as the Director-General of the Ministry of Civil Aviation in the government of former President Ahmed Silanyo’s.