By Goth Mohamed Goth

Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gaboose, today in a press conference held at the Haldoor Hospital in Hargeisa announced his retirement from politics and medical practitioner.

In a statement, read by Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gaboose to members of the media he said as follows:

“I have decided to retire from my long career as a medical practitioner, as well as my long-time political career. I will from today now henceforth focus on charity work, religion, and my children.

“As am nearing70 yrs. of age, I have decided to shelve my political ambitions due to my age and my declining ability to serve in public or pollical office,” he said.

He added, “Back in 1998 while serving as a Minister of Interior in the government of late President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, I was summoned by the Late Elmi Kabal, the then police boss and without much elaboration, he took me to see the remains of executed persons tied together in groups of tens in the valley of death “Malko-Durduro” the site of a newly discovered mass grave. I asked myself back then what were the reasons which lead to the genocide. Again, with personal hopes and prospects of building a new nation, better than the previous collapsed one,”.

“And keeping in mind my previous experience in the long struggle for freedom, I became satisfied it was the makings of the ruling regime to stay in power and after the 2012 elections, I expressed my reservations on the state of political affair at the time and my determination to seek a free and fair election would have led to spilling of innocent blood of similar to those victims found in the valley of death “Malko-Durduro”. click the watch link to watch I declined to take that road and since then (9years ago), I ceased participating in any political activities, but most importantly, I came to realize our current political system is no different from the regime we fought against and lack of prevention of abuses of power by the various branches of government,” he said.

Our political leaders lack the basic and important leadership qualities such as accountability, transparency, vision, and integrity. Some of these leaders even indulge in corruption and other illegal activities and most of them just to fill their bellies.

The current political leaders should avoid the path taken by the previous Socialist regime that led to war and instability.

Dr. Gaboose further announced that he shall be retiring from his day-to-day duties as a medical practitioner and that he shall handover the running of businesses to his children.