Over the past two decates,there have been  statements recorded from  UNPOS in Somalia that are relevant to the  topic of the Somali Chronic conflict.In Dec 1991, then Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, after consulting incoming Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, he asked then Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs James O.C. Jonah to visit Somalia and become the first UN envoy for Somalia affairs.
Mr Jonah was replaced by Algerian diplomat Mohamed Sahnuni, and then followed by Ismat Kitani, who was appointed on 3rd November 1992. Others who followed include Admiral Jonathan Howe, James Victor Gbeho, Francois Fall, Ahmadou Would Abdalla, Augustine Mahiga and the current UN Somalia chief, Nicholas Kay.Except Amb Kay,they all tried to solve the current situation(peace and war,Famine and drought,political stability and democratic election in 2016, and economic progress) in Somalia. 
Your Excellency,It’s shameful and hypocrisy on your statement on Jubaland crises,feel free you can not distort the reality in Jubaland. Somalia has been in clan power struggle and land graping a long period soon after the creation of the Somali Republic in 1960.
 Somalia is consisted of Ethnics(Bantu and Somali pastoral),and Clans and every clan has to be given rights and equal opportunity on formation of these federal system so far that does not exist in Somali.
We rejected Mogadisho outcome on Jubba talks, we call a reconciliation between marginalize &persecuted people and the invaders(Warlord Ahmed Madobe and Warlord Barre Hiraale) in Jubaland; Ahmed Madobe who is a refugee from Ethiopia’s zone five cannot represent the people of jubba regions.
Your Excellency you were aware of thatThe Somali government has committed an absolute mistake by trying to force the people of Jubba regions to support the illegal and one clan dominated system of warlord Ahmed Madobe, and this will never be accepted by our people.Your Excellency. try to read the files of UNHCR and ICR record,you will see the massacre and other forms  of atrocities in 1991-1994( against  our people(Wagosha-Bantu) ;they went village by village in allJubba regions(Goshen-Land), killing Wagosha people, looting property and raping women of different ages including old women and children under 8 years old.The killing took place in all villages, in mosques and in other worshipping places and almost 500,000 Wagosha people were killed in this genocide, which the world has never spoken about.The world  and the international community deal with biased reporting of available reliable evidence.
My question is : 1-What is the negative impact of your bias reporting?
                         2-Is Somalia ready for federalism  and democratic election in 2016?
Eng Yarow Sharef Aden
Chairman  of Wagosha Movement of Somalia


  1. Adoowgaan waxaan kula talin lahaa inu Zanzibar aado oo xaqiisa ka raadsado hadduusan raali ku ahayn waxa uu hasto hadda.
    Axmed Madoobe Hadduu Qaxooti yahay Maxuu Awoowgiis Suldaanka Waamo u ahaa ka badan 200 sano? Waxaa la yidhi Af-xumo Nabadna way fogaysaa Colaadna waxba kama tarto.

    • Bajunis are the real indigineous people of kismayo. The name Kismayo is a bajuni word meanig upper water well. Kismayo wasnot part of Somalia. The other Somali Darod have done ethnic cleansing in Kismayu. It is true if some one is not from Somalia should not rule. He must go to Ethiopia. It is also very difficult if you are Somali from Somali caught in Somali region without papers, you will end up in jail and no mercy at all.The ogadens from ethiopia they need to go back to the 5th region of somalia. Wagosha tribe had been living in southern part of somalia for many years. They have every right for somalia as they had been there over 100 years.

      • @m.ali
        Kismayo is a Somali word meaning "a bit of sea sand"
        Kis = a bit , a little
        Mayo = sea sand or carro mayo
        A saying goes like, kismayo iyo kistaa

  2. Whoever Ogaden kicked out of Juba centuries ago, might be some still stay, and some bajun, wagosha went back to Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique and area along down the coastal lines. Who is going to re-introduce wogosha and replace the Ogadens and other Somalis that there today?

  3. Who are these Wagosha by the way? Are they really from Bantu clansmen? Whoever they are, they should be treated fairly like Somalis, for they have been with us for many many years. Well, we Somalis should know that, when we go to a country in Europe as refugees, they gave us everything like housing, jobs, education and their national passports while we are just black Africans from the black continent, after a short time of only 5 to 6 years time, therefore, why should we oppress our fellow country citizens, and say they should go Tanziania or Kenya respectively? That is not fair gentlemen.

  4. The Wagosha people have every right to claim Kissmayo. But Kissmayo is the Capital City
    for Jubaland and therefore two many Somalis are the indigenous habitats. Anyways, the
    Absame of the NFD and the KDF are to be out of the Somalia. The KDF in Amisom should
    put elsewhere but out of Jubaland Regions. The Ogaden in Jubaland is as good as the
    other Somalis including the Wagosha. The Jubaland Regions should be under the FGS
    and the belligerent interferences of Kenya's annexation nonsense should cease outright,
    The FGS should be in good control of all Somalia Sovereign State of 1st July 1960.
    I don't see ex Alshabab leader Ahmed Madoobe who hails from the Kil5 should have a
    chance to become the leader of Kissmayo at this time and age while Hassan Dahir Aweys is
    under house arrest. I think he should join Aweys and the two should face the same fates.
    I think also Ahmed Madoobe should be deported to the Kil5 where he belongs.
    Whatever, Wagosha report is justified and it's upto the FGS under President HSM and PM
    Aweli to to act.

    • You don't know what you talking about, what if I said FGS should take control of Somaliland, I know it's not realistic so I wouldn't want sound like an idiot, so do I want sound like an idiot brother? no I don't, but from what you wrote in here you sounded like one, again you might not be necessarily an idiot, but it is fair to say you might have been under the influence of Khat, coming back to the topic and Wagosha people's right to live in peace with the inhabitants of Juballand. No one is denying their rights but you need to know that Wagosha are divided into two clans, ooji Somali and Wasangua canibals, The ooji are welcome but Wasangua canibals are to go back to their ancestral land in Tanzania.

      • I care a damn of you calling names and dividing one people Wagosha into 3 parts.
        The most important thing is that they are one tribesmen who became indigenous
        habitats of Jubaland whose Capital City is Kissmayo for all the Somalian tribesmen
        in those Regions of Somalia Sovereign State under the FGS administrative powers
        and none else. Wadani, your stupid mentality of certain Wadani Party elements which is
        divided between Somaliland and Somalia is very idiotically irritating and agitating sojourn
        nonsense so to say the least. Now please read what MR Guest wrote "Circular illusions" and
        lets hear your comments? MR guest answered fairly the Wagosha Jubaland case, which is
        different than the Ogaden of 1879 ? Your comments are full of anomalies and therefore without
        solid merits..

        • Don't take it personal brother, its ok for our opinions to differ without insulting each other. Let me first introduce myself, I was born and raised in this part of Somalia and my parents are from the North so I know what I am talking about, There is no Wagosha people in Kismayo and its surroundings area, in fact this name "Wagosha" is a new name. This people are called OOji or reer goleed, They inhabit at the fertile lands in Juba area, starting at Kamsuma, Jilib and its surroundings. Some are muslims and others believe in witchcraft and hunt humans for food. This is not an exaggeration but rather a fact, so don't worry about what this man says I know what I am talking about.

          • Wagosha is a new name? Juba areas, Jilib and its surroundings? aint these in
            Jubaland? Aint Kismayo the Capital City for Jubaland? Aint OOJI or Reer Goleed nicknamed Wagosha? Aint they all indigenous Somalians since 1st July 1960? Aint they more
            deserving like anybody else in the Jubaland? Again, aint Kismaayo the Capital City
            for all those regional province? The Wagosha like anybody else claims full rights to
            participate in the Capital City Kismaayo or am I still wrong MR Wadani?

      • You look very much inferior the way your commenting let me tell you the truth if your Ogden you do not belong to Kismayu and l dought you do not know the meaning of K i s i m a y u. and secondly you don't know the people among the Wagosha And thirdly your very illiterate and uncouth and uncultured for calling the Wazigua and not Wasangua these people had you known you could feel a shame of yourself calling them cannibals these shows us that you do not belong to Jubaland please stop your filthy comment to people you do not understand.

  5. This man needs to calm down and stop distorting the facts, Wagosha or Bantu or OOJi people mainly inhabit at Jilib, Kamsuma, Mareerey, Beledul amiin, Kamsuuma, They don't speak the same language, the OOJI people speak Somali close to the May May of Baydhabo, while Kisingua speak Kisawahili and eat human flesh, they are cannibals, I don't even understand why they posted this article since the majority of the Northerners don't even know or ever hear Wagosha, having said all that Wagosha are minority in Juba area and will be treated as such but to interfere at the affiars of Jubaland administration is like trying to eat more than you can swallow. They better stop making noises otherwise Madobe might decide to take revenge since they sided with Hawiye Kabatole in the 1991 civil war.

  6. Circular illusions.

    We Ethiopians say Ogaden is our land absolute in legal terms because it was supported by preponderance and balance of power politics of the era when Ethiopia was in the early stages of establishing it's Westphalia sovereignty state system.Somalia(greater Somalia under SYL in 1943) accepted the inclusion of Jubaland the Wagosha black African territory as legally as Independent Somalian territory of 1960. My question to all Somali friends is do Ethiopia and the state of Post independent Somalia have the same problems concerning Ogaden and Jubaland?.