Nairobi, March 18, 2013-The Committee to Protect Journalists is gravely concerned by a recent directive from authorities in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region banning local broadcasters from airing content produced outside the region.

In a notice issued March 13, Information Minister Mohamoud Aideed banned reproduction of any programs or materials produced by non-Puntland media, singling out three radio stations that operate outside the region, according to local journalists. “No radio station can reproduce or air any materials and programs of a media station that is not licensed under the ministry, such as Radio Ergo, Radio Bar-Kulan, and Radio Hirad,” the memo read.

Nairobi-based Radio Ergo and Radio Bar-Kulan are funded by the Danish organization International Media Support and the United Nations, respectively. Radio Hirad is based in Hargeisa, in the semi-autonomous republic of Somaliland, and receives support from the Dutch press organization Free Press Unlimited, according to CPJ research.

Local journalists say the directive may be due to the fact that two of the stations, Radio Bar-Kulan and Radio Hirad, occasionally air views of opposition politicians and, having no physical presence in the region, are able to report freely without fear of reprisal. They said it’s not clear why Radio Ergo is being targeted.

“This order appears to be designed to censor critical reporting in Puntland ahead of proposed May elections,” said CPJ East Africa Consultant Tom Rhodes. “We call on authorities to reverse this directive immediately.”

According to local journalists, most radio stations are ignoring the ban until they receive further explanation. A network of 13 local stations issued a statement saying they will continue to air Radio Ergo broadcasts until they receive official clarification.

CPJ’s repeated calls to the Information Ministry went unanswered.

Puntland authorities shuttered independent broadcaster Horseed FM in October last year in the port town of Bossasso, according to CPJ research. The station remains off air. Authorities also temporarily suspended another radio station, Codka Nabadda, in March 2012 but re-opened the station after the owner negotiated with authorities, local journalists told CPJ.



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      • They're holding on to one of my comment, And it's hilarious to say the least. Because the amount of offensive, garbage, and related to subject in hand comments they release daily on this website. And object mine is mind-boggling.

  1. nothing new here, an authoratarian regime exercising its power. I also dispice those who in the name of press freedom delibrately break laws, report unsourced false allegation and know nothing about balanced reports.

    • @ Ali,

      Its called Isaaq news network, no sources required just makeup anything and call it news and hope people are stupid enough to buy it.

      • @GUS YUSUF

        wake up darood boy, it ist the issaqs that are making your uncle farole shut down radios and newspaper stations all over the darood enclave.

        • @ Asscalrt,

          Only in your dreams son. Your people are struggling agaist Dhul and warsan so what makes you think you can get anywhere close to MJ?.

  2. Since the piracy was diminished from the Somalia's side of Indian ocean, Puntland's clannish based administration has suffered hugely, consequently been in virtue of collapsing in an accelerating rate.
    Banning the media is clearly a sign of desperation. Somalia's weak government should take an advantage of the situation by requesting a rapid deployment of the AMISOM forces to free it's citizen from dictator Farooleh.

    • @ osman Qaal, I think you've been chewing too much khat. What makes you think the people and government of Puntland will allow Amison and Hawiye to occupie and rule P/L?. I know you would love to see P/L destroyed but i am sorry to inform you this will never happen.

    • @Guhan

      Ignore ppl like Osman Qaal they lost sense of direction. today somaliland region is facing more problem than ever before, every door is close now. they thought the british will hand over recognition but they were wrong in a big time instead the british gave them divorce letter.

  3. Puntland has many enemies and any news outlet spewing propaganda to aid the enemies should be outlawed its fair game.

  4. Bugland – piracy – aid from Mogadisho = Thirsty + hunger + refugees. What is there isn Pugland? Darood bilaa magaalo

    • @Kuluc,

      P/L has a government that controls from Bosaso all the way to Galkacyo as well as parts of Sanag and Sool. president Farole doesn't need Amison for protection like the Abgal president of Xamar. P/L government is capable of guarding its own properties unlike the Abgal president who can't even prevent his Villa from being robbed, and that's probably why he need foreigners to protect him because he doesn't trust his own militia who robbed him as he slept. "Thirsty+hunger+refugees" do you even know what you are talking about boy? you are clearly an idiot it is southerners who are the hungry, thirsty, and refugees who come to P/L for protection as they flee war torn south Somalia as IDPs. If you want more lesson just let me know son.

      • Gulaid,

        Bugland is confined to only Garoowe, Boosaaso and nothern parts of Galkacayho ( there is a green line in the city, that we know). Sool and Sanaag regions are part and parcel of Somaliland, and that we know too.
        That Bugland people cannot resist against any attack and offense from Hawiye is also known to all. That Bugland people live on piracy – illegotten properties – is also known to all, and when that will finally stop, all people from Bugland will either surrender to Somaliland or Sourhtern a fact.

        This is the reality, believe it or not- and teality teaches logic. What is there in Bugland? You fool!

        • @ Kuluc,

          First of all go learn how to spell and learn some basic grammar.

          Second of all P/L government controls Bosaso to Galkacyo ( 80% of Galkacyo, trust me Sacad are nothing in Galkacyo, they only live in some pocket of southern Galkacyo) as well as Warsangeli part of Sannag and some parts of Sool now thats almost 1/3 of Somalia whether you like it or not. How are Hawiye gonna attack us? do you think this is 1991 when only your hutu cousins were the only clan armed?. Beside they can't even secure their own land they need Amison for protection hahaha lol.

        • @ Kuluc,

          We mainly live off from Bosaso port revenues and many Habar jeclo and Habar yunis businessmen come to Bosaso to buy products that comes from Bosaso port because their Habar awal cousin only let the Ethiopians used Berbera port. So Mr. Kuluc I suggest you be on your best behavior or we will put sanctions on your people.

        • @ Kuluc,

          "Puntland is confined to only Garoowe,Boosaaso and northern parts of Galkacayho"

          Go ahead and look at the map and look how big the distance between those cities are. That's a big chunk of Somalia.

  5. Although I hold no love for the current regime in Puntland, I do not sympathize with those Tribilist media. If they want to work in Puntland they have to follow the local law which starts with registering with the Ministry of Information..You can't break the laws and expect to be treated as you please. I am for the freedom of press, but I am slow for respecting the law of the land.

    • Well said Abdi, these so called medias come from outside Puntland they come from hostile enemy clans and their agenda are to spread lies and try to destabilize Puntland. Puntland has many enemies so i support the government shut them down.

  6. Pirateland, is an enclaves of thugs, who formed this territory just to commit crimes against humanity. Whether pirate or human trafficking this the only place of all Somali speaking region who deals with these kind businesses. When these businesses were to be shut down which Hassan Sheikh government is doing , the place will died slowly. And closing radio station is sign of weakness not strength.