oil PricesThe Somaliland government has raised the excise duty on fuel despite the collapse in global oil prices. They want to increase the revenue, but have no interest in the life of the common man. Somaliland government should think seriously over the matter and issue a decision regarding slashing down oil and other food commodities in line with the oil price globally. Unfortunately the collapse of crude oil price since October 2014 has not translated into any change in food commodities across the country.

I wonder why the Somaliland government and its people are silent over the issue because the people of Somaliland have been made confused on political matters to keep them away from the fact of life. The root cause of this entire lie not with the government, but with our mentality, thoughts and mindset which are set to focus on political change. It seems that we are exhausted to pressurize the governments to shape their policies to the way we want. Given that,  we   Somalilanders do not have professional associations or non state actors which have sufficient power to influence and cause a change in government policies since political parties are not sufficient alone to exert the pressures required on government for no matter come what may. Even though, the price of fuel has gone down; it did not affect the prices of other commodities.

However, it is a good opportunity for the government in Somaliland to reduce oil prices regarding the subject matter and give a room for the people to breathe a sigh of relief’ after so many years of price of hike and inflation.

People should feel the difference now and then. At this, they will feel the government is serving with them or else the government is not serious about issues affecting their lives.   The other problem contributing to the later is that there are significant numbers of Diasporas in the present cabinet whose mindset is to accumulate money and then create a similar company to that of Dahabshiil. On the other hand, the people of Somaliland are lacking patriotism, because they have been taught in their schooling and that is why everybody is interested in politics, but not for the sake of people but for his vested interest in order to collect money.

Therefore, we need to change our curriculum by adding civil law and other courses that will promote the notion of patriotism and civil rights.




Abdirahman Ibrahim Abdilahi

Contact : Abdirahman270@gmail.com